Important Notice: Direct FX Trading Pty Ltd is not currently accepting new customers. Also, existing customers are only allowed to trade to the extent required to close their positions with us. All advising, dealing and market-making activities are currently suspended until we re-launch the business, subject to approval from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It will be at least 10 weeks before we relaunch the business. If you are an existing customer and require assistance in closing your account or unwinding positions, please contact us on and our team is here to help you. We apologies for this inconvenience.

Futures Trading

Direct Market Access to the Global Futures Markets

Open an Account


Access to the global commodities markets.


Trade interest rates and energies to metals products, stock indices and more on regulated global exchanges.


More leverage than equities allowing for greater diversification.

$5.98/trade Commission Across Asset Classes


$5.98 per round turn + exchange fees

  • Futures account through DirectFX
  • Futures exchange fees $15.00 USD/month

Foreign Exchange

No Commissions

  • Forex account through DirectFX

Benefits of Trading Futures


Exchange traded markets allow our clients the potential to be the best bid and best offer. The exchanges are fiduciary to all who participate, their goal is a fair trading environment.


Buy long or sell short. Selling is as easy as buying, taking advantage of falling or rising markets.


Futures offer easy entry into metal, energies, grains, interest rates and more.


$1,000 Margins. Futures offer greater leverage than equities with DirectFX.


24-hour trading. Futures gives traders the ability to react to news even when the equities markets are closed.


Electronic Trading. Futures offer fast, accurate, electronic executions in some of the world’s most liquid markets.


DirectFX offers electronic trading from anywhere in the world to access CME Globex markets.

MT4 Futures Symbols

F.US.EP E-mini S&P
F.US.ENQ E-mini Nasdaq
F.US.CLE Globex Crude Oil
F.US.GCE Comex Big Gold
F.US.MGC Comex micro-gold
F.US.SIE Comex Silver

CQG Futures Symbols

Exchange Commodity Commodity Description Instrument Type
CFE VIX VIX Index Future
CBOT/Globex FVA U.S. 5 Year Treasury Note -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex TUA U.S. 2 Year Treasury Note -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex TYA U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex USA U.S. 30 Year Treasury Bond -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex XC Mini-Sized Corn -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex YM Dow Jones - $5 Mini -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex ZCE Corn -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex ZLE Soybean Oil -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex ZME Soybean Meal -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex ZOE Oats -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex ZQE Fed Funds 30 Day -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex ZSE Soybeans -- CBOT-G Future
CBOT/Globex ZWA Wheat -- CBOT-G Future
CME/Globex BP6 British Pound -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex CA6 Canadian Dollar -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex DA6 Australian Dollar -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex EDA Eurodollar -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex EEU EuroFX - E-Mini -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex EJY Japanese Yen - E-Mini -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex ENQ NASDAQ 100 Index - E-Mini -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex EP S&P 500 Index - E-Mini -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex EU6 EuroFX -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex GF Feeder Cattle -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex GLE Live Cattle -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex HE Lean Hogs -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex JY6 Japanese Yen -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex MX6 Mexican Peso -- GLOBEX Future
CME/Globex NE6 New Zealand Dollar -- GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex CPE Copper - High Grade -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex CPT Copper Trade at Settlement -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex CST Copper Spot TAS -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex GCE Gold -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex GCK Gold Kilo -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex GCT Gold Trade at Settlement -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex HGS Copper Financial -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex MGC E-micro Gold -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex MQC E-mini Copper -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex MQI miNY Silver -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex MQO miNY Gold -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex SIE Silver -- COMEX/GLOBEXSilver -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex SIL 1,000 oz.-Silver -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
COMEX/Globex SIT Silver Trade at Settlement -- COMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex BBT Brent Crude Financial TAS -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex BC Brent Crude Oil Financial -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex BZ Brent Crude Financial(Last Day) -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex BZL Brent Crude Oil Trade at Marker -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex CLE Crude Oil -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex CLT Crude Oil Trade at Settlement -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex NGE Natural Gas -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex NGT Natural Gas TAS -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex NN Henry Hub Natural Gas mmBtu/Day -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex NQG E-mini Natural Gas -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex NQH E-mini NY Harbor ULSD -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex NQM E-mini Crude Oil -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex PAE Palladium -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex PLE Platinum -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex RBE RBOB Gasoline -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
NYMEX/Globex RBT RBOB Trade at Settlement -- NYMEX/GLOBEX Future
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